Shotgun News 2/13/2023

From Larry Dark: Howdy

*Key day set for 2/25/23 . Joe will be onsite exchanging keys for the year. Locks will be changed during the afternoon, so the old keys will not work. 

*There is going to be a little change in the process this year. As most of you know we have new machines and Promatic card systems now.  These are a little different to set up than they were before, so before keys are passed out either Bob Minke or Charlie Dove will do a walk through with everyone so we are all clear on the operation. 

*If you haven’t had keys and would like to get them….its a pretty simple process

*Be trained on the equipment.

*Sign up for 8 hrs range duty on the skeet and trap field

*5.00 key charge

Tuesday 2/14

*Open practice on the hill

Friday 2/17

*Arts old Codgers will be shooting trap and skeet starting around 9:30a and running through mid day

Saturday 2/18

*Cherokee will host the trophy shoot. Sign up from 9a till 10:30a. A meal is provided (Chili is on the menu for this week)

Sunday  2/19

Unaka will have their five stand open starting at 1p

Range duty

No one scheduled until after key exchange

hope to see everyone around the range