Shotgun News 12/22/2019

From Larry Dark: Howdy


We had our Trophy Shoot and Big 50 ATA shoot this past Saturday. Great turnout for both events. Thanks to everyone that helped with these shoots.

Big 50 winners                                               Cherokee Regional Tournament

High Gun Overall                                                              High Gun Overall

George Reese Sr                                                                          George Reese Jr

High Singles                                                                                   High Gun Trap

George Reese Jr                                                                  Ashland Forester

High Doubles                                                                                   High Gun Skeet

George Reese Jr                                                                                   Larry Costine

High Handicap  Randy Davis

Tuesday 12/24 Christmas Eve No Scheduled practice. (If you have a key and want to shoot have at it)

Friday 12/27 Arts old Codgers will be playing on the hill. Trap and Skeet ranges open by 9:30 A 

Saturday 12/28 Five Stand  Rodney and Bobby will be open for business by 9:30A . Im sure a lot of us will have a case of cabin fever by then, and a couple rounds of 5 stand is a sure cure. If you have family visiting this is a great time to introduce them to the shotgun sports. Bring lots of shells and get on a squad.

Hope to see everyone around the range ld