Shotgun News 12/09/2019

From Larry Dark:



I am very happy to say I have seen a lot of new faces around the club lately. A lot of this is due to the fact that we have a great little club. One of the benefits we enjoy is that each of us can obtain keys to the shotgun facilities and shoot anytime we want during regular shooting hours. Cherokee has always operated under the honor system and this has worked well for us, I just want to give a friendly reminder of whats expected in this system.

  • Rounds are 3.50 each, be sure cash is dropped in the safe each day.
  • Fill machines after use.
  • Carry targets if necessary so the next shooter has birds in the house.
  • Police the area of spent hulls and trash

I know everyone wants our Club to flourish and prosper and wants to keep the friendly atmosphere we currently enjoy.

Tuesday 12/10 *Open practice on the hill . Ranges open by 4:30p. If your new this is a great time to come and get started.

Friday 12/13 *Arts Old Codgers will be on the hill. If your off they would love to have you join them. Ranges open by 9:30a till around mid day (or the geritol wears off)

Saturday 12/14 * Wilderness Road will host the Trophy Shoot. Sign ups are from 8:30 till 10a . A meal will be served

Hope to see everyone around the range ld