Shotgun News 11/22/2021

From Larry Dark: Howdy

Time to pull out the cold weather jackets, make adjustments in gun fit and start shooting some targets. Joe had a great idea for this coming Friday. After you have gorged yourself on Thursday and laided around the TV all afternoon. ………You are going to need an outlet. Load up at least 101 shotshells…because you will need them Friday. Cherokee is going to host an Ironman, this one will be a little different than ones in the past. 

We will shoot

  • 16 yd singles – 25
  • Doubles trap – 26
  • Skeet – 25
  • 5 stand – 25
  • total 101 shells needed

Another thing that makes this a little different is there will be a payout for 4 places. When Joe sent me the email explaining how he was going to do the payouts ….i immediately called him back in state of confusion( most of you know that is my normal state of being) 

Payout for     1st – Last – two in the middle   ?????? Joe has some kind of a hopped up software program to average shooters

When you look at the events , or at least when i look at the events, i see all hope of doing well fly away on the trap field. Maybe your weak event may be skeet or 5 stand. The way the pay out is going ….high gun , low gun, and two average will hit. Be the only way id have a chance. lol

This will be run like a trophy shoot, 25.00 entry , Pizza for lunch, start at 10a. If you see some of our friends from the other clubs, be sure and let them know they are welcome.

Tuesday 11/23 Open practice on the hill . ranges open by 3p (it looks like most guys are shooting by lunch time)

Thursday 11/25 Thanksgiving. 

Friday 11/26 Ironman Shoot. Starts at 10a

Saturday 11/27 Five Stand.     We are starting a winter schedule. In order to let the machines have an opportunity to warm up a little , we will start at 11a. Don’t worry, if we need to we will turn the lights on if you’ve not had enough.

NO one scheduled for range duty this weekend

Hope to see everyone around the range

stay safe ld