Shotgun News 11/12/2020

From Larry Dark: We are cancelling our trophy shoot on the third Saturday until further notice. This is do to the increase in the Covid cases in our region. As soon as things level off a bit we will resume.


Our gun club is different than a lot of gun clubs, we are , in my opinion a friendlier than most club. Our members make the difference . They are outgoing and welcoming to new shooters and new members. We know kids are the future of the shooting sports and we encourage them to participate (and quite often give us a licking) The membership, at least in the shotgun program, are always ready to roll up their sleeves and do what needs to be done. Whether its loading houses, unloading targets, policing the grounds etc….

But we also share similarities with  other clubs in our region, most of our regular members shooting shotgun are a ……well , bit older. Yes i said it OLDER ….there is more grey than other colors of hair on site at Cherokee. With age comes a lot of things like wisdom, experience, and unfortunately a lot of aches and pains. As we age some health issues become more important in our everyday lives. 

Paul Key , our illustrious shotgun chairman , called me last night. He wanted me to send an email cancelling our trophy shoot on the third Saturday.  This is due to the rising Covid 19 cases in our region, the death toll is mounting and I think now we probably all know someone who has been touched by this damnable plague. While the recovery rate from coronavirus is very high , it is obviously very contagious. I agree with Paul, it wouldn’t be worth one of our old buddies catching this evil woo hoo flu from coming together at a trophy shoot. This time of year we almost have to use the clubhouse due to the seasonal weather.

While we are cancelling our trophy shoots until the curve flattens some……if you have a key and want to shoot , by all means go for it. The club is OPEN and members are welcome to shoot. We will keep our Tuesday practices on the schedule (we are all outside and can keep a good distance between folks) 

If you have any questions , comments, or complaints feel free to let me know

thanks and be safe Larry Dark