Shotgun News 10/26/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy

We have a fifth Saturday this month. That always means something special for the day at Cherokee! There are no plans as yet. The grey ghost , Art Shultz asked me to put a little blurb in the email this week about fifth Saturday. If anyone wants to organize a shoot just let me know and i will send an email informing the masses. We have had everything from iron man shoots, trap shoots , to the old standard fun shoots with mad cow, partners trap, last man standing etc. Even if no one organizes a shoot there will be several on the ranges shooting. If you want to smell some shotgun powder ….bring shells and burn em up.

On a separate note. The Corona Virus is still running in our area. The covid counts are up and people are becoming infected very easily. Please remember to be mindful of others. Don’t crowd folks, try to avoid shaking hands, and if you don’t feel well….stay home. We all love to shoot and fellowship with other shooters, we just need to be a little cautious now.

Tuesday 10/27 Open practice on the hill. Ranges open by 4:30p

Friday 10/30  Arts old Codgers will take the hill and shoot trap and skeet till mid day. They get started by 9a 

Saturday 10/31 Fifth Saturday. None of the clubs have anything on the schedule. Cherokee always shoots something….ya’ll come on out and see whats going on.

This isn’t really shotgun….but our Singing Shotgunner , Bob Minke and his band the Stemwinders will be performing at the Eureka Inn in Jonesborough. They will be set up in the courtyard out side from 5:30p till 8:30p . This location is BYOB and they have food available . Their menu should be on line. If you don’t want to set home and answer the door bell from trick or treaters, come on out and support Bob. It should be a nice evening

hope to see everyone around the range ld