Shotgun News 10/19/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy 

We have another week of shooting opportunities . We are blessed to live in a country where we can enjoy a sport like ours that involves these “evil” guns. I know that just because someone is ignorant it doesn’t mean they are stupid , but there sure seems to be a lot of stupid people that are ignorant..

Tuesday 10/20 Open practice on the upper ranges. Skeet and Trap fields will be open by 4:30p

Thursday 10/22  Wilderness hosts and open practice after 5p

Friday 10/23 Arts old Codgers will take the upper skeet and trap fields to polish their skills to a high finish. If you are off Friday mornings you should come join them. NO matter your skill level. They love helping beginning shooters get hooked on this game. They get started around 9a and shoot till mid day

Saturday 10/24 Five Stand Saturday!!! We only open five stand twice a month so its a big deal.  This weekend Rodney has a little extra planned. We would like to get some newer shooters interested in our five stand. Sporting Clays has been the fastest growing clay target discipline in the country for the past several years. While we don’t have room at Cherokee to put in sporting clays , we do have five stand , a practice course to get warmed up for shooting sporting clays or wingshooting live birds. Bring lots of shells and get on a squad. If you are new to five stand or just a newer shooter, let someone know and one of us will be happy to walk you through a round or two. 

Saturday 10/24 on our regular scheduled five stand day we are offering any Cherokee member who hasn’t shot 5 stand before two rounds on us, if one of these rounds the shooter breaks a 21 or better they will receive one box of shells on the house.  To sweeten the deal even more….Rodney will have lunch for all shooters on Saturday. This is all an effort to get more new shooters to take advantage of our 5 stand course.

Hope to see everyone around the range ld