Shotgun News 10/14/2020

From Larry Dark: EVENT HEADS UP!!

Mr Rodney Meade our 5 stand guru has asked me to send out notice for our upcoming 4th Saturday five stand……

Saturday 10/24 on our regular scheduled five stand day we are offering any Cherokee member who hasn’t shot 5 stand before two rounds on us, if one of these rounds the shooter breaks a 21 or better they will receive one box of shells on the house.  To sweeten the deal even more….Rodney will have lunch for all shooters on Saturday. This is all an effort to get more new shooters to take advantage of our 5 stand course.

What 5 stand is… Compact version of sporting clays. We have 5 stations that we shoot from. There are 8 target throwers set up and you get different presentations and combinations of targets. If its your first time to shoot someone will be more than happy to walk you through your first round or two to show you where the targets are coming from. This is my favorite clay target game that we offer at Cherokee. Its challenging and a lot of fun. One thing most new comers ask is what chokes work best. For our  course  an improved cylinder in a 12 ga is great, if you shoot  a 20 i would use improved or light modified. If  your shooting smaller than a 20 …..well you obviously dont need to ask about chokes.

hope to see everyone around the range ld