Shotgun News 1/27/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy


Well I wouldn’t have figured we would have had a snowballs chance of getting 5 stand in …but it was a great day to shoot. We had a pretty good turnout and got to burn a lot of shotgun shells. There are some pretty good shooters coming out right now. I don’t know what the high score for the day was but there were a lot of 19-21’s in the mix. Our 5 stand has been cleaned a few times but if you shoot consistently in the high teens and low 20’s you are doing well. We are still planning to have a league after time changes, so get in all the practice you can.

Tuesday 1/28 * Open practice on the hill. We will have the skeet and trap fields open by 4:30p

Friday 1/31 *Arts old Codgers will be shooting on the hill by 9:30a and will shoot till mid day. If your off drop by and join them.

Saturday 2/1 Kettle Foot will host the trophy shoot. Sign ups start at 9a . A meal is served.

Hope to see everyone around the range ld