Shotgun News 1/11/2021

From Larry Dark: Howdy


I know everyone’s getting a little cabin fever right now. We had a pretty good turn out for 5 stand this weekend. Thanks to John Keith and Tony Hubbard for keeping the 5 stand rolling. Rodney is out with a Knee replacement right now. 

Tuesday 1/12 open practice on the hill. ranges open by 4:30 (ive noticed a lot of the guys getting there much earlier)

Friday 1/15 Arts old Codgers will be on the hill shooting at trap and skeet targets the usually get started around 9:30a this time of year. 

Saturday 1/16 CHEROKEE’S TROPHY SHOOTS STILL ON CANCELLED DUE TO COVID If the weather is nice im sure there will be several out shooting

This is still a little out but … Joe Trujillo has set February 7th as Key day. The old keys will not work beyond that day. For the newer folks on this email, you can get a key of your own to the shotgun skeet and trap machines so you can shoot anytime during normal shooting hours.

  • Be trained on the machines by someone that already has a key.
  • Sign up for 8 hrs range duty.. that’s either 2 Sunday afternoons or one all day Saturday
  • 5.00 key deposit
  • Your have your own key!!!

We will send reminders before key day gets here

hope to see everyone around the range ld