Shotgun News 09/26/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy

Wow , this weather is really starting to change. I love the fall and the weather it brings. Something about it makes me want to shoot something!!

Cherokee is a volunteer club. That being said, we have the same guys taking care of business. The same few are filling traps, toting targets, cleaning houses, etc., etc. While these few are really appreciated…..they need help. When you are one of the few it starts feeling like a job, instead of recreation. 

If you enjoy shooting at the club…..get involved. If the house is down a few cases of targets, tote some. After you shoot , load targets. If everyone is wrapping up, stick around and help clean and put away. There will always be the “few” that keep things rolling…but they sure do enjoy seeing people willing to help.

Tuesday 9/27

*Open practice on the hill

Friday 9/30

*Arts old Codgers shoot on Friday mornings

Saturday 10/1

*Kettlefoot hosts the trophy shoot signups start at 9a . A meal is available

*Unaka will have their 5 stand open 12p till shooters stop coming.  They have a very nice set up, take advantage of the hospitality

No one scheduled for range duty this weekend

hope to see everyone around the range