Shotgun News 09/13/2022

From Larry Dark: Howdy

The weather is starting its move from summer to fall. We will still have some hot days and great weather ahead. I know how some of you whine about the cold , so………………take advantage of this near perfect time of year and keep the powder burning.

Tuesday 9/13

*Open practice on the hill. Skeet and trap ranges open by 2p

Friday 9/16 

*Arts old Codgers will be shooting trap and skeet up on the hill. Ranges open by 9a and they normally run till around lunchtime

Saturday 9/17

*Cherokee will host the trophy shoot. A meal will be provided. Signups are from 9a till 10:30a

Sunday 9/18

*Unaka will have their 5 stand open by 1p. They do like us on their closing time. When the shooters stop they shut down. If you havent shot Unakas 5 stand , you should. It is very complementary to ours. If you shoot sporting clays this will really help your game. If you compare the two courses to baseball pitchers….Cherokee is more fastballs with little longer shots, Unaka is more of a junkballer little closer with a lot of movement  on the targets. Shooting the two courses will give you most anything you will see at Iron Mountain.

Range Duty

Saturday 9/17 Trophy Shoot

Sunday   9/18   James Campbell

Hope to see everyone around the range