Shotgun News 06/28/2019

From Larry Dark: Howdy

Just a reminder of the workday for the shotgun ranges. We are doing it tomorrow , Saturday 6/29 . We don’t have scheduled hours for the work day, Im going to try to get there by 8a. We chose tomorrow because there is no shotgun events scheduled in the area for Saturday . There has already been quite a bit done. Edward Lawson cut all the junk down in front of the five stand area , and it really looks good. Bob Minke has been out doing some painting and repair on one of the trap houses. We still have a lot to do and everything will look much better, we have some very nice facilities at Cherokee and we need to do a little TLC. We’ve not had a scheduled work day on the shotgun range since Ive been a member (2010)

This is a great opportunity to get your club hours , and make our little club really look good. I am very exited to see improvements, as I’m sure  you are. Hopefully we will have enough hands to split up and attack different tasks. Paul is going to bring some water and sandwiches for lunch. He has also gotten the materials we need to do the work. We do however need a few hand tools , if you can bring some with you it would be good. We have a list of some of the jobs we see as priorities , if there’s something you would like to see done , by all means bring it up.

Many thanks to member Matt Miller for donating a load of rock for the trap lanes!

  • Backfill gravel in the new handicap lanes on the upper trap field
  • Move fence closer to the skeet field
  • Paint yardage markers on both trap fields
  • Repaint Trap Houses
  • water seal wood steps and fences
  • Repair doors on both trap fields (Bob Minke has already some work on these)
  • Cut and Remove Scrub Brush from upper Skeet Field
  • Repair/Tune Pat Trap to fix hard right target and leaning targets, 
  • Check all fields both skeet and trap for target speed and hoop skeet fields
  • Screw down steps on skeet fields (nails pulling loose)

Tools we need if you have some you can bring

  • shovels, heavy rakes, wheel barrow
  • chain saws, drills (screw gun) 
  • Sprayers (for sealants) 
  • Extension handles and rollers for paint

I hope we have good weather for our workday.. right now the forecast looks great all day.

I know we are going to have a good turn out and I want to thank everyone in advance