Modified Silhouette 3/27/2021

From Brad Snow:

Here are results from last Saturday’s match —

March 2021 Modified Silhouette Match
Great turnout for our first 2021 match, thanks to all who attended.  What a day, weather was a major challenge, two big thunderstorms complete with up close and personal lightning, hail, high wind, and heavy rain rolled thru putting a halt to activities twice.  Some shooters were unable to finish, we will get you guys caught up in the next match.  The weather restricted us to only shooting the modified silhouettes, did not set up any long-range targets nor know your limit targets today.  Hope everyone did a good job of cleaning their rifles today, mine was wet through and through.
We continued our recent trend of doing much better off the bench than with the standing targets, with 5 shooters starting the year off right and cleaning all 20 bench targets.  Mark Harrison, Curtis Culberson, Jim Horton, Hannah Morelock, and Wayne Fish all cleaned the 20 bench targets, good shooting folks.  It saddens me to have to report that only one Contender was among this acclaimed group along with three Anschutz’s and one Tika – Thank You Jim for saving face for the Contenders!  Curtis may now hold the speed record for cleaning a bench bank, having nailed all 10 turkeys in a little over 1 minute, and with a bolt action Tika.  By comparison with bench, only two banks of 10 standing targets were cleaned, Jeff Vicars getting all 10 pigs and me getting 10 rams.  Jimmy Larkin may have repeated his last year performance of cleaning a standing bank, except he shot at the 10 pigs with his 100 yard ram sight settings, said he kept wondering why he was hitting high.  He still managed to hit 1, I guess that means with the correct sight setting he would have hit 9 and missed 1, sorry Jimmy!  Father and Daughter Morelock tied the match, and Trevor petitioned me to declare him winner since he shot several standing targets during the first storm after most of us had decided to wait for improved weather.  But, as I recall, Hannah did likewise during the second storm with her shooting standing.  So, I decided it would be unwise for me to come between Father and Daughter and instead just let them decide on the rightful winner; maybe a shootoff next match?  

Scores are below.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and participating and helping set up and clean up.  Hope to see everyone for a warm, sunny April match. — Thanks, Brad.

1. Brad Snow 37
2. Jim Horton 35 – cleaned 20 bench
3. Hannah Morelock 33 – cleaned 20 bench
4. Trevor Morelock 33
5. Mark Harrison 32 – cleaned 20 bench
6. Curtis Culberson 30 – cleaned 20 bench
7. Jeff Vicars 29 – had a hard time on bench!
8. Josiah deLeon 29
9. Don Hale 29
10. Jeremy Williams 28 – first shoot with a new (to him) Sako
11. Dennis Rutledge 26
12. Jimmy Larkin 23
13. Josh Robinson 23
14. Eric Koch 23
15. Wayne Fish 20 – cleaned 20 bench, did not shoot standing
16. Issac Fish 13 – did not shoot standing