Military Match 8/17/2019

Thanks to everyone that came out today.  You made it an easy match, I appreciate that.  If you see any mistakes in my score keeping, please let me know.

The general consensuses was, yes today was hot, but still better than last month.  The match in September ought to be even cooler.

Speaking of September’s match, it’ll be the last one for the season so we can turn the lower range over to the deer hunters to sight in their rifles.  If you’ve shot the first six matches this year, then you already know your worst possible point total.  The seventh match will be bonus points where you’ll drop the worst of the year from each category.  So the leader board isn’t fixed yet and won’t be until after the September match.

Check the Facebook page in an hour or so, I’ll be posting some pictures and targets from today’s match.  We had some people that came to shoot and chew bubble gum today – and they were all out of bubble gum.

Don’t let anybody tell you that a 100+ year old gun won’t shoot. The M1909 is 107 years old, I don’t know how old the guns are for the other targets that I’ll post, but the M1903a3 could have quite a few years on it and the CZ75 is the youngster of the bunch. In the email, I forgot to mention the P08 Lugers from the Germans and the Finns – I don’t know how old they are either.

Since the email went out with the scoresheets attached, here’s the link to today’s scores:

See you on September 21st around 8:30
Brian Sims
CRGC Military Match Director