Military Match 7/18/2020 Cancelled


I’ve decided to cancel this weekend’s match at Cherokee. I can’t find any trend in my analysis of Tennessee’s COVID data that says it would be a good idea to get together this weekend. I’d already basically made that decision even before I found out about Sullivan and Washington counties mandating masks when around other people.

Unlike the May match I cancelled because there wasn’t enough interest from the core group of shooters but I went to Kettlefoot to shoot USPSA, I’ll be staying home this weekend. The numbers, even back at the first peak in April, were much lower than they are now.

I’ve attached a pdf of what I’ve been tracking. Let me know if you have any questions about it. The red line on 6/28 is where Tennessee still hasn’t gotten those numbers back because of the national covid database crashing on that date.

Hope to see you in August.

Stay safe
Brian Sims Military Match Director