Military Match 6/15/2019

Good afternoon all,

It was a beautiful day today, sunny, a little breezy to keep the heat tolerable and pretty cool for June.  To those that shot today, thank you for coming out.  For those that didn’t, you missed a great day to make noise.

I can’t remember the last time we’ve had a match decided by X’s, but both the modern pistol and overall vintage went to the tie-breaker.

Vintage Modern Rifle

  • Kent Ison              170-0x
  • Jonathan Price    168-2x
  • Jeff Vicars            166-0x

Modern Rifle

  • Brian Sims            165-0x
  • Kim Sims               159-1x
  • Eddie Payne         157-0x

Modern Pistol

  • Jeff Vicars            190-7x (won with the X’s)
  • Jonathan Price   190-5x
  • Kent Ison             175-4x

Vintage Rifle

  • Jeff Vicars            178-1x
  • Kent Ison             168-1x
  • Brian Sims           159-1x

Vintage Pistol

  • Brian Sims            183-5x
  • Kent Ison              174-1x
  • Jeff Vicars             162-3x

Overall Modern (vintage modern rifle, modern pistol)

  • Jonathan Price    358-7x
  • Jeff Vicars             356-7x
  • Kent Ison              345-4x

Overall Vintage

  • Brian Sims            342-6x (won with the X’s)
  • Kent Ison              342-2x
  • Jeff Vicars             340-4x

June Match Overall (vintage modern rifle, modern pistol, vintage rifle, vintage pistol)

  • Jeff Vicars               696-11x
  • Kent Ison                687-6x
  • Brian Sims              653-7x

As always, please let me know if you see I’ve messed up on the scoring.  Hope to see you all July 20th at 8:50am for the next match.

If you’d like to look at the score sheet, click the following link: