Military Match 3/1/2021

I’ve decided to start the military match in April instead of March this year for a couple of reasons. I’m also extending the matches through October so we will have the same number of matches during the shooting season.

I am hopeful that starting a month later, we’ll have better weather and not have to be out there on a cold or chilly day – but now watch it be 60F. The military match was the only match that started in March on the lower rifle and pistol range.

My other concern is ammo and reloading components that are extremely hard to find right now at a reasonable price. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to give shooters an extra four weeks to search for what they need. Although not extremely likely, the shortages may ease up a bit during the summer and it’ll be easier to find things by the end of the season. I’m trying to remain optimistic.