Military Match 10/17/2020

Good afternoon all,

We had six shooters this very fine fall day.  Five of us shot for score, one shot as a participant.  The day started off chilly, but was pretty good by lunch.

Because of COVID, we only shot matches June, September and October.  So I didn’t have to change my spreadsheet for what I truly hope is just one screwy year, I changed the March column heading that we didn’t shoot to October so I didn’t have to change as many formulas. 

In a normal year, we would have shot March through September, a total of seven possible matches and counted your best six of the seven scores for the season total so not to penalize shooters for having to miss a match.  Using my match director prerogative, I carried over the spirit of that rule and dropped the lowest score of the three matches we did shoot.  In a normal year, the best possible score would be 1200 points for each of the categories of vintage modern rifle, modern rifle, modern pistol, vintage rifle and vintage pistol, 2400 points for the modern and vintage combined categories and 4800 points for the season.  This year, the maximum point totals were 400, 800 and 1600.

The winners of this year are:

Vintage Modern Rifle

  1. Kent Ison    341-2x
  2. Eddie Payne    323-2x
  3. Brian Sims    309-2x

Modern Rifle

  1. Brian Sims    328-1x
  2. Eric Koch    327-2x
  3. Eddie Payne    315-3x

Modern Pistol

  1. Kent Ison    367-13x
  2. Brian Sims    362-2x
  3. Eddie Payne    326-8x

Modern Overall (Vintage Modern Rifle + Modern Pistol)

  1. Kent Ison    708-15x
  2. Brian Sims    671-6x
  3. Eddie Payne    649-10x

Vintage Rifle

  1. Kent Ison    348-6x
  2. Eric Koch    300-0x
  3. Eddie Payne 299-x2

Vintage Pistol

  1. Kent Ison    359-9x
  2. Brian Sims    345-8x
  3. Eddie Payne 324-3x

Vintage Overall

  1. Kent Ison 707-15x
  2. Brian Sims    635-9x
  3. Eddie Payne 623-5x

Season Overall Totals

  1. Kent Ison    1415-30x – Grand Slam (winner of all four of the original categories)
  2. Brian Sims    1306-15x
  3. Eddie Payne    1272-15x

Full results are in the attached spreadsheet and printed out into the pfd.  If anybody sees anything wrong, please let me know, I’ll get it fixed.

I’ve enjoyed being the match director this year and I’m looking forward to being the director again next year.  With luck, COVID will be contained and ammo and reloading components will be easier to find.

Brian Sims