June Standing Silhouette Match

From Brad Snow: A good, hot, June afternoon for 10 shooters to enjoy a Standing Silhouette Match.  Some of our regulars didn’t make it this month, maybe Trevor and Jeff figured after their record setting tie of 28 last month, no need to attempt to top that!  But a Big Welcome to 3 new shooters, Ada and Jon Timbs and Jimmy Shaffer, Ada shot an outstanding 25, way to go, hope to see you all back regularly!  And welcome to Jonathan Price to our Standing Silhouette Match (maybe you’ve shot this in prior years?), this may be good practice for your standing Black Powder shooting!  Scores for this match and the yearly totals are listed below.  Thanks for the participation and the help, and hope to see everyone for our July match, 2nd Tuesday, about 3:30.  

1Brad Snow267946
2Ada Timbs256955
3Hannah Morelock216735
4Jonathan Price153633
5Jim Horton122424
6Wayne Fish122415
7Jon Timbs111325
8Steve Morris104303
9Allie Bledsoe91332
10Jimmy Shaffer93411
Yearly Totals
Row LabelsNumberMatchesSum of TotalSum of ChickensSum of PigsSum of TurkeysSum of RamsHighMatch
Brad Snow3651619171326
Hannah Morelock3641421141522
Jim Horton34791991019
Allie Bledsoe2441012101235
Wayne Fish3297115612
Trevor Morelock128886628
Jeff Vicars128897428
Steve Morris2255101915
Ada Times125695525
Brandon McGhee124674724
Donald Hale123773623
Ethan Pennington121672621
Matt Ketron121197421
Jimmy Larkin219583312
TA Smith115264315
Jonathan Price115363315
Bently Broadwater113045413
Chris Clear112442212
Jon Timbs111132511
Jimmy Shaffer1934119
Grand Total3153812118311012435