July 2022 22LR Benchrest Results

From Steve Pennington: We had a good match Tuesday morning.  The weather and fellowship was great!  We had a new shooter this month, welcome to Steve Morris, I hope you continue to shoot with our group.  We had 7 shooters that shot 24 targets. 

Congratulations to Mark Harrisoon on his wins in Open sight and Unlimited.  Jim Horton won sporter, while Claude Pennington won the target class.

We will have the next match on Saturday July 30, 2022.  Sign in and set up will begin at 8:00 am and the match will begin at 9:00 or when we have a full relay.  After this match I will send out the current standings in the season championships.

Open Sight

  1. Mark Harrison            250-15X
  2. Jim Horton                 249-21X
  3. Wayne Fish               249-13X
  4. Dale Cathan              247-8X
  5. Steve Pennington      247-6X
  6. Claude Pennington    245-7X
  7. Bill Pemitscher           223-5X


  1. Jim Horton                 248-14X
  2. Wayne Fish               246-7X
  3. Claude Pennington   245-8X
  4. Steve Morris             243-6X
  5. Mark Harrison           236-4X
  6. Dale Cathan             219-2X


  1. Claude Pennington  250-5X
  2. Wayne Fish              248-12X
  3. Steve Morris             242-8X
  4. Dale Cathan             229-2X


  1. Mark Harrison           250-19X
  2. Jim Horton                250-14X
  3. Claude Pennington   250-12X
  4. Steve Pennington     247-13X
  5. Wayne Fish              244-8X
  6. Steve Morris             243-8X
  7. Dale Cathan             238-6X

Iron Man

  1. Claude Pennington   990-32X
  2. Wayne Fish               987-40X
  3. Dale Cathan              933-18X