Club Bylaws vote scheduled for 12/2/2021

Cherokee Rod and Gun Club

4280 Reservoir Road
Kingsport, TN 37660

Dear Members,
I would like to announce that we have revised our current by-laws. This is the official 20-day notice in order for the club to vote on the by-laws at the December 2nd meeting. A committee presented the board with the final document at the November 4th Meeting.

I would like to thank this committee for the tedious task of going through the by-laws. They have done a terrific job. They were motivated for the good of the club and accomplished lowering the number of board members, removing conflicts, and streamlining the by-laws. This committee took the time and extra effort to make sure all viewpoints were represented. This committee consisted of a diversified group of members that have been with the club for several years, one committee member as long as forty-seven years. Two past presidents and two board members are also among this committee. That being said I feel they have the best interest of the club in mind and utilized their past knowledge and experience with a fresh perspective of what the future can hold for the club.

As club president I want to ensure everyone that our goal is to protect the history and heritage of the club but at the same time streamline and prepare the laws for the future of the club.

Joe Trujillo
Cherokee Rod and Gun Club

Click here to open the proposed bylaws