22 Silhouette 5/2024

From Hanna Morelock: I’m happy to report we’ve managed to wobble and teeter our way through another all standing silhouette match.Top honors in this month’s match go to Brad Snow, shooting the highest score of the year so far- a very nice 27. Great shooting, Brad! Jeff Vicars came in 2nd with a 25. High […]

Even More Info on .22 Long Range Match Feb 11th

From Brad Snow: Here are more details for next Saturday’s match. We will shoot 40 silhouette targets:                 5 rams, 2 turkeys at 200 yards from bench                 5 turkeys, 1 pig, 1 chicken at 165 yards from bench                 4 pigs, 2 chickens at 125 yards from bench                 5 rams, 2 turkeys at […]