April 2022 Modified Silhouette Match

From Brad Snow:

Our third 2022 Modified Silhouette Match … a very nice crowd, finally some decent weather, and we had some quite decent scores to match.  Welcome to Sam Morelock and Billy Jones, both new shooters in our match (at least for this year, not sure about prior years?).  And welcome back to Larry Cunningham, haven’t seen Larry in a couple of years.  One standout score, a lot better than ‘decent’, Jeff Vicars shot an outstanding 38, missing only 1 pig and 1 ram.  Congratulations Jeff, great shooting!  Trevor Morelock was nipping at Jeff in standing with a very nice 17, good shooting Trevor, looks like Hannah is buying your ice cream this match. We finally got our rifles sighted in with 4 shooters cleaning the bench this match – prior to this we had only 1 clean bench in the first 2 matches.  Jeff moves into first place for the year in three categories: High total, high bench, and high single match.  Brandon McGhee commands a significant lead in high standing (so we should all focus on heckling Brandon starting in the May match). Seth Cassel’s 19 standing in the first match still leads in high single match standing, going to be tough to beat that one.  Remember the yearly totals are your top 5 scores.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and shooting, setting up and cleaning up.  Hope to see you Tuesday, May 10 for our Standing Silhouette match.  Scores are below for this match and for the year and a summary spreadsheet is also attached. 

April4th Sat 
1Jeff Vicars382018
2Chris Clear362016
3Brad Snow362016
4Trevor Morelock351817
5Mark Harrison352015
6Brandon McGhee351916
7Donald Hale341816
8Larry Cunningham331716
9Hannah Morelock331815
10Bob Forsyth311912
11Jim Horton291514
12Jimmy Larkin281513
13Josiah deLeon281315
14Amy McGhee281513
15Wayne Fish27189
16Sam Morelock24168
17David Humphrey211011
18Billy Jones21138
19Steve Morris16124
2022 Modified Silhouette Totals
Row LabelsNumberMatchesSum of TotalSum of BenchSum of StandingHighTotalHighStanding
Jeff Vicars310457473818
Brad Snow310155463616
Brandon McGhee39543523518
Jim Horton38545403317
Amy McGhee37534412817
Donald Hale26935343518
Hannah Morelock26736313416
Chris Clear26534313616
Mark Harrison26337263515
Trevor Morelock26232303517
Steve Morris35938212612
Josiah deLeon25826323017
Wayne Fish2543618279
Bob Forsyth25333203112
Jimmy Larkin25228242813
David Humphrey24421232312
Seth Cassel13617193619
Larry Cunningham13317163316
Robby Gudger13220123212
Tim Lee125187257
Sam Morelock124168248
Billy Jones121138218
Bill Davis120137207
Grand Total4512977045933819