22 Silhouette News 5/31/2020

From T.A. Smith: Dear 22 Shooters:

I have decided to cancel the 22 Silhouette Match previously scheduled for June 9. People are obviously getting out more with each day that passes but Covid-19 is still with us and social distancing is still recommended.

In our 22 Silhouette Matches, we have to shoot in relays due to the limited number of silhouette targets we have.That requires at least 1/2 of all participants to use and touch the same shooting benches and targets; also the rifle racks.Hopefully we can resume having silhouette matches before long but for now, I think we should continue to err on the side of caution.

I will send another email in a few weeks about the 22 Silhouette Match for July.

Thanks for your continuing interest in our shooting programs at Cherokee Rod & Gun  Club.