22 Silhouette News 10/8/2019

From Match Director T.A. Smith: Dear Shooters,

Today was a perfect day for our last 22 Silhouette match of 2019. Weather was cool (at last) with just a little breeze. 13 competitors showed up for the match and 2 more for the picnic at the end of the match. Brad Snow won the match with a fine score of 23.Jeff Vicars won the shoot off for 2nd place over Jim Horton both had shot 22 in the match.

Match results:

1. Brad Snow                 23

2. Jeff Vicars                  22 (won shootoff)

3. Jim Horton                22

4. Eddie Payne              17 (his best score for 2019)

5. Bill Anderson             15

6. TA Smith                    12

7. Kim Sims                    11

8. Frank Warren         9     

9. Wayne Fish                  8

10. Mike Piekarski           7

11. Bill Davis                    5

11. Charlie Keller              5

13. Julius Malden             1

We awarded the 2019 year-long awards after the match. Our winners were:

Jeff Vicars  –  1st Place

Jim Horton  –  2nd Place

TA Smith  –  3rd Place

Kim Sims  –  4th Place

Thanks again to all who participated this year!

Editor’s note: Pictures of the match today may be found at: https://www.facebook.com/CherokeeRodAndGunClub/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2618655671487877