22 Modified Silhouette

From Brad Snow:

Here are more details on the match and the final yearly standings.  Again, congratulations to Donald on the Big First Place wins!  A spreadsheet is attached with all results for this last match and the final year results.  Thanks to everyone for all of the participation and help this year and look forward to another great season beginning next March.  

Sept 4th Sat  
1Donald Hale3920193
2Ethan Pennington3719183
3Hannah Morelock3719183
4Jon Timbs3518172
5Brad Snow3520151
6Ada Timbs3520150
7Jim Horton3419153
8Brandon McGhee3315182
9Billy Jones3218143
10Chris Clear3220122
11Will Jones3119123
12Jeff Vicars3117144
13Bill Davis3118130
14Bob Forsyth2817112
15Mark Harrison2817112
16Dennis Rutledge261882
17Steve Pennington241682
18Issac Fish241860
19Wayne Fish232032
20Amy McGhee2311121
21George Reese Jr221572
22Jim Larkin202001
23Sam Morelock181260
24George Reese Sr16881
25Donita White8170
2022 Modified Silhouette Totals
Row LabelsNumberMatchesSum of TotalSum of BenchSum of StandingHighMatchHighStanding
Donald Hale618093873919
Jeff Vicars617696803818
Brad Snow817596793718
Hannah Morelock617390833718
Brandon McGhee717189823518
Larry Cunningham516681853618
Chris Clear616296663616
Trevor Morelock515881773517
Jim Horton815883753417
Mark Harrison715487673515
Bob Forsyth714686603113
Billy Jones514284583314
Wayne Fish713793442911
Bill Davis512673533113
Amy McGhee612362612817
Sam Morelock611270422710
Steve Morris510870382612
Ethan Pennington310657493718
Dale Cauthen39454403216
Jimmy Larkin49268242813
Josiah deLeon38640463017
Ada Timbs38037433515
Steve Pennington3765422289
Allie Bledsoe3613724229
Jon Timbs26034263517
Rex Cole25739182910
Will Jones25633233112
Jimmy Shaffer25332212913
Issac Fish25236162810
Donita White5472522138
David Humphrey24421232312
Michael White24322212513
Dennis Rutledge2422913268
Seth Cassel13617193619
Jon Times13419153415
Robby Gudger13220123212
Tim Lee125187257
George Reese Jr122157227
Jim Mores120128208
George Reese Sr11688168
Grand Total1553801215716443919