.22 Modified Silhouette Match this Saturday March 26th

From Wayne Fish: Shooters,

It is time to get those old rusty .22 Rifles out of the safe and get tuned up for some silhouette shooting. Our first match of 2022 will be this Saturday the 26th on the lower range at Cherokee. We will be shooting at the 1/5 scale pigs at 40 yards offhand, the 1/5 scale Rams at 50 yards offhand, the 1/5 scale Chickens at 75 yards from the bench and the 1/5 scale Turkeys at 100 yards from the bench. You will have 10 minutes to shoot your sighter shots and 10 shots for score at each distance. Standard velocity .22 long rifle ammo only as high velocity ammo breaks the cast iron silhouette targets. $5.00 per gun. We will begin setting up the range at 8 AM and start shooting for score when we have a full line of shooters. Come out and shoot with us and have fun hearing the clang of a bullet on the metal silhouette animals.