.22 Modified Silhouette 3/15/2021

From Wayne Fish: Shooters,

The 2021 .22 Modified Silhouette season will start next Saturday March 27th. Hopefully we will be able to have seven matches this year. 2021 dates are March 27, April 24, May 22, June 26, July 24, August 28 and September 25.

We will start setting up targets on the lower range at 8 AM and start shooting for score at 9 AM. We will shoot 10 shots offhand at 40 yards at 1/5 scale Pigs, 10 shots offhand at 50 yards at 1/5 scale Rams, 10 shots off the bench at 75 yards at 1/5 scale Chickens and 10 shots off the bench at 1/5 scale Turkeys. Any .22 rimfire rifle and any sights. Shooter must shoot the same rifle at all distances. NO HIGH VELOCITY AMMO ALLOWED. Standard velocity only. No 17 caliber allowed. Shooters will be allowed 10 minutes total for each bank of silhouettes (sighters and 10 shots for score). $5.00 per gun.

We will also set up the Know your Limits targets to test yourself. This is a set of 8 swinger targets left to right 2”/1.75”/1.5”/1.25”/1”/.75”/.50”/.25”. Each shooter will get 3 tries at the set of targets with one point for each hit. If you miss a target you get zero points for the set. If you stop anytime before a miss you get the score so far in the set. Say you don’t want to try the .25” target and you have hit all previous 7 targets then your score would be 7 for that set, and if you miss the  last one your score is 0. Your total score is for 3 tries.

Hope to see you all on the 27th.

Wayne Fish