22 Benchrest 10/13/2020

From Steve Pennington: I would like to say thank you to all those who came out and participated in the matches this year.  As everyone knows 2020 has been a trying year.  I would also like the people that haven’t participated this year that they were missed.  I hope everyone gets through this time in good health.  Each persons” health is the most important consideration. It is my intention that these matches be a place for friendship, fellowship and good healthy competition,  I have enjoyed the matches and hope to see you all again next season. 

Speaking of next year there are NO rule changes at all for 2021.  

Results Open Sight

1)  Ted Combs                    250-16X 
2)  Claude Pennington            250-14X
3)  Mark Harrison                249-18X
4)  Steve Pennington             249-16X
5)  Jimmy Larkin                 236-1X


1)  Ted Combs                      245-9X
2)  Jimmy Larkin                   244-7X
3)  Charles Gray                   243-5X
4)  Bill Davis                     237-5X
5)  Mark Harrison                  235-5X


1)  Steve Pennington               248-12X
2)  Charles Gray                   244-12X
3)  Claude Pennington              242-8X
4)  Bill Davis                     241-1X
5)  Ted Combs                      239-3X
6)  Jimmy Larkin                   216-3X


1)  Claude Pennington  250-15X   Tie breaker first miss target 8
2)  Ted Combs          250-15X   Tie breaker first miss target 2
3)  Steve Pennington   249-9X
4)  Charles Gray       246-5X

Congratulations to Ted Combs for winning open sight and sporter.  He is tough to beat with those open sights, or in any other class.  Congratulations to Claude Pennington on his unlimited win, that came down to the tie breaker with Ted.  Mark Harrison has really made the open sight class close with those scores he has had this year.  I do not feel we have had enough matches to declare a season winner in benchrest.

Thank you all for pitching in to help set up the target stands, sweep the line after the matches and making these matches possible.  See you at the range!!