22 Bench Rest News 9/17/2019

From Steve Pennington: We had an outstanding match Tuesday morning, 18 competitors that shot 53 Targets, which was a record for this year!  All the scores are really good again this month.

The addition of benches and lengthening the shed really made this match go smoothly.  Thank you to everyone that helped from sweeping, setting up the targets and calling the line.  This match concludes the regular season and the champions in each class will be decided with the best 5 scores each competitor had this year.  We are planning on having a match the 3rd Tuesday of October.  We will probably have a meal with it also.  I hope to see you all soon.The season results will be sent out in a few days.  
Here are the results from our the September match:

Open Sight

  1. Ted Combs                          250-22X
  2. Ethan Pennington                250-18X
  3. John Lewis                          250-16X
  4. Dennis Rutledge                  250-12X
  5. Bill Anderson                       249-12X
  6. Richard Boyd                       248-18X
  7. Robert Jacobson                  248-13X
  8. Jeff Vicars                            248-13X
  9. Wayne Fish                          247-15X
  10. David Robertson                  246-12X
  11. Jimmy Larkin                        244-10X
  12. Claude Pennington              243-6X
  13. Jim Horton                            243-4X
  14. Mark Harrison                      242-6X
  15. Donnie Williamson               239-7X


  1. Wayne Fish                          249-10X
  2. Robert Jacobson                  249-4X
  3. Jimmy Larkin                        247-7X
  4. Charles Gray                        246-4X
  5. Ted Combs                           244-5X
  6. Bill Anderson                        243-6X
  7. David Robertson                   243-6X
  8. Jeff Vicars                             242-5X
  9. John Lewis                            241-3X
  10. Mark Harrison                        240-4X
  11. Bill Davis                               236-5X
  12. Richard Boyd                         227-4X
  13. Dennis Rutledge                   158-1X


  1. Ethan Pennington                 250-14X
  2. Steve Pennington                 249-8X
  3. Robert Jacobson                  248-10X
  4. Claude Pennington               248-8X
  5. Jeff Vicars                             248-7X
  6. Charles Gray                        248-6X
  7. Ted Combs                           247-12X
  8. Dennis Rutledge                   247-8X
  9. Wayne Fish                          246-7X
  10. David Robertson                  245-9X
  11. Brad Snow                           245-8X
  12. Bill Davis                              243-6X
  13. John Lewis                           241-2X


  1. Wayne Fish                         250-17X
  2. Claude Pennington              250-13X
  3. Steve Pennington                250-12X
  4. Dennis Rutledge                  250-10X
  5. Charles Gray                        249-13X
  6. Ethan Pennington                249-12X
  7. Ted Combs                           249-9X
  8. John Lewis                           248-7X
  9. Jim Horton                            247-10X
  10. Brad Snow                            244-8X
  11. Jeff Vicars                             244-4X

Match Directors observations: Looks like Wayne came back refreshed from his vacation, great shooting winning 2 classes!   Dennis Rutledge not only does a great job calling the line, he is shooting really good too.  The 40X is really a neat gun. Ethan Pennington shot an Unlimited 10/22 and had a good score, he also went to Kettlefoot and won his first ARA match!  Great shooting!! Ted Combs shot a great Open sight target winning that class. I have really enjoyed these matches this year.  All the help and support at the matches has really made the match directors job go good.  Thank you all for shooting and supporting this match!! 

See you next month:  October 15, 2019 (weather permitting)