22 Bench Rest 10/16/2019

From Steve Pennington:

The day started a little on the cool side but we had 12 competitors show up and shoot 38 targets.  The competition was close as usual.  I have really enjoyed being a part of this group, thanks to all that have helped and shot the matches this year.  We finished today with a lunch and visiting, thank you Wayne for getting the food and Bill for running the grill.  Today we got to shoot, eat and fellowship, no matter what the score that anyone shot, we had a good time together today and that is what is important.  This was a great way to end the season!
Now here are the results:

Open Sight

  1. Ted Combs              250-21X
  2. Wayne Fish             250-14X
  3. Ethan Pennington   250-12X
  4. Bill Anderson           249-16X
  5. Jeff Vicars               248-11X
  6. Mark Harrison         247-12X
  7. Steve Pennington   246-5X
  8. Jim Horton              245-13X
  9. Claude Pennington 243-11X
  10. Dennis Rutledge     241-9X
  11. Jimmy Larkin          229-5X


  1. Ted Combs               248-11X
  2. Jimmy Larkin            247-9X
  3. Wayne Fish               244-9X
  4. Jeff Vicars                 240-7X
  5. Mark Harrison           239-4X
  6. Dennis Rutledge       233-2X
  7. Bill Anderson            228-3X


  1. Steve Pennington     249-10X
  2. Claude Pennington   248-12X
  3. Jeff Vicars                 248-11X (Tiebreaker)
  4. Jim Horton                248-11X
  5. Ethan Pennington     248-8X
  6. Ted Combs               246-6X
  7. Bill Anderson            241-6X
  8. Wayne Fish              235-6X
  9. Dennis Rutledge      231-3X


  1. Claude Pennington    250-14X
  2. Ethan Pennington      250-12X
  3. Steve Pennington      250-10X
  4. Ted Combs                249-10X
  5. Jeff Vicars                  249-7X
  6. Wayne Fish                248-7X
  7. Dennis Rutledge        239-4X

See you all next season!!