1/9/2021 Started MeWe Page

We are testing a MeWe page as an alternative to FaceBook in case we get Zucked during the great Facebook purge of 2021 because we’re gun related. Please bear with us as we get the kinks worked out.

Unfortunately I think you have to be a MeWe user to see the page. Unlike Facebook where you could see a page without being logged in (although you were constantly annoyed with a ‘join now’ dialog taking up the bottom 1/3 of the screen,) I’ve not figured out how to do that on MeWe yet. You definitely have to be a user to follow Cherokee’s page at either site.

To follow/view our MeWe page, navigate to https://mewe.com/p/cherokeerodandgunclub-kingsporttn If you are not logged in, it should give you the option of logging in or creating a new account. Once you get to the page, there should be a follow button.

I’ll be modifying my posting procedure to post on our website first as usual, but then MeWe second and Facebook last.

At some point in the coming months, we’ll make a decision to keep maintaining which social account, unless we’re forced to make the decision faster by Facebook. Although technically at that point, Facebook made the decision for us.

Please do not flame Facebook on the Facebook page, I will remove those comments – what’s the point, they probably just get filtered out anyway by their ‘algorithm’. Even though MeWe has more freedom of speech, I will remove anything that reflects badly upon Cherokee Rod and Gun Club or is not club related.

All the club’s content will not be migrated over to MeWe. All the posts I’ve made on Facebook were first posted on the club’s site in case this eventuality ever occurred. We still have all those posts available there. If needed, I have all the pictures that I’ve uploaded to Facebook, but it would take a lot of effort to transfer those albums to Facebook.

If you’ve been a MeWe user for longer than the 4 hours I have been and have any tips, please post them as a comment to this post at MeWe, not Facebook.

Ah, what exciting times we live in.